Who We Are?

We are Cathy and Eric. In 2013, we joined an international NGO and participated in humanitarian missions around the world, such as refugee camp in South Sudan, Somali Region in Ethiopia, conflict zone in Yemen, and earthquake relief for Nepal. Inbetween missions, we volunteer in remote areas in China, such as Shangrila, Yaan and Weixi.

KAWN BUN AUX © Ai Yawn (our colleague from myanmar)

2013.09.21   在南苏丹多罗难民营的诊所探望刚出生的非洲小宝宝Sarah
 2014.04.20   在香格里拉社区图书馆与小朋友跳舞
2014.04.10   跟随养蜂专家,到香格里拉的偏远村庄学习养蜂技术
2014.05.27   在香格里拉徒步,途经海拔3000多的地基牧场,在那里露营观日
2014.06.11   与科研人员一起走进响古箐探秘滇金丝猴
2014.07.06   在云南维西的养蜂项目拍摄宣传片,请找亮点!
2014.10.27   清晨在尼罗河边跑步,炫目的日出与当地早起的渔民组成了衣服绝妙的剪影
2014.10.19   在埃塞俄比亚的西达与摩萌萌的小朋友合影
2014.11.21   埃属索马里腹地的村庄
2015.03.28   认真的讨论太阳能公共浴室培训细节
2015.05.16   在尼泊尔地震救援项目圆了直升机梦
2015.09.05   在也门战乱地区度过了空袭不断的项目
2016.03.25   在缅甸佤邦项目,因为通行证问题一直堵在腊戌

We are not aiming to save the world or end poverty. We simply believe that this is the best way to explore the world, as you can discover the actual life and culture of local people, you can stay in traditional accommodation that is not commercialized and you can taste the most authentic cuisine that is not adapted to tourists.


Guaiguaichai Website

How is it like to work in the humanitarian and volunteering sector? Do you want to discover the mysterious and amazing unknown places that we have been to? With Guaiguaichai website, you can explore these places with our miniature models, music, video, article, etc.


It consists of photos and videos we took in the field. From here, you can explore our working condition in the field and the life and culture of local people.


This section contains work diaries, stories of our work and life and the people we encountered in the field, travel diaries, as well as some media coverages.


We use scale models to present the scenarios in the field. This method can give you a three dimensional experience that is surprisingly realistic.


In here, you can find a collection of handicrafts from the field, some are gifts from our local staff. They are the perfect gifts for your family and friends.

Guaiguaichai Plan

Nowadays, marketing and fundraising strategies of international NGOs are are highly commercialized. You can see touching photos and beautiful statistics from advertisements in all sorts of media, but in fact, most of the works are outsourced, based on sales statistics, staff KPI, click-through rate, TV rating, etc. Do donors actually know what is happening in the field?

We want to make humanatarian marketing more human, not just profit-driven. We want to use a different approach to show people the actual life and work in the field. We would like to adopt the social enterprise model, aiming to promote humanatarian and support the neglected population. We hope one day, we can establish an experience centre, in which all the facilities resemble the actual scenario in the field, such as tent, latrine, water suply system and waste zone. There will also be a mini library with infomation and books about humanatarian aid, a workshop where children can make miniature models, and finally, a small cafe serving our favourite South Sudan ginger coffee.

Guaiguaichai Workshop

In 2020,we established Guaiguaichai Workshop,producing mainly miniature models, fingerboard ramps, and handicrafts made by neglected populations around the world.

21C, Tak Wing Industrial Building, 3 Tsun Wen Rd, Tuen Mun

Contact Us

If you have any questions related to the humanitarian and volunteering projects we have participated, or you would like to cooperate with us, please contact us using one of the following ways: